Salt Spring Island is one of the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia between mainland British Columbia, Canada and Vancouver Island. The island was initially inhabited by various Salishan peoples before being settled by pioneers in 1859, at which time it was officially called Admiral Island. ~Wikipedia

My laptop show different landscapes when I open it every morning.  It might be a Windows 10 feature, I don’t know, but when one catches my eye I “like” it.  This morning there was a picture of Salt Spring Island, Canada. It was a picture of a long wooden pier over a calm lake at dawn.

Sure, there are a lot of those pictures, and although pretty, usually nothing to get excited about, but this one caught my eye and made me pause.  I love lakes.  I love docks. I love mountains.  Trifecta!

When I Googled Salt Spring Island, I discovered it is truly a nature lovers’ paradise! With spectacular coastal and pastoral scenery and the moderate climate, a variety of activities can be comfortably pursued all months of the year. From leisurely walks along pristine beaches to challenging uphill hikes, the vistas, flora and fauna are always inspiring. Surrounded by miles and miles of the mainly sheltered waterways of the Pacific Ocean’s Salish Sea, this Gulf Island archipelago offers countless opportunities to explore the marine world.

You can get to the island either by boat or by float plane.  A little plane. A little plane that takes off and lands in the water.  I love to fly but have never flown in a little float plane.  Makes me a squeamish just thinking about it.  But from the pictures I’ve seen and from what I’ve read, it is a beautiful place to be.

The Salt Spring Market boasts markets and craft fairs that offer textiles, pottery, jewellery, organic homemade chocolates, local preserves, artisan teas, breads and baked goods, ceramics, scented soaps, lotions and creams.

The Saturday Market offers fresh local produce & internationally acclaimed arts and crafts, including world class potters, jewellery, fiber artists, woodworkers, just to name a few.

If one day isn’t enough, and I don’t see how it could be, The island offers many accommodations.  This is definitely in my top 10 places to visit.


Some photos by: Annie Chu,

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