As I get older I have become more and more, what’s a good word for it, oh yes – LAZY.  I haven’t been what I consider thin for over 20 years.  Even 10 years ago I was comfortable with my weight.  When I was in my 30s I discovered Jazzercise and I loved it.  I loved it so much that in my enthusiasm I jazz-squared instead of chasse’d  and twisted my ankle pretty bad.  That was the end of that.

That was probably the last time I did any type of cardio exercise.  I used to take my dogs for daily walks and that gave me a little workout.

Within the last 4 years I’ve put on an additional 40 pounds.  That’s a little embarrassing to say, but it is what it is.  Several factors played a part in that.

My mom became seriously ill and was on hospice for 6 months before she lost the fight.  I spent that summer traveling back and forth    from Texas to Illinois to help my sisters care for her.

The three of us girls were a bundle of nerves that year and I discovered chocolate again.  That, along with traveling every two weeks and eating on the run, it’s not a good recipe for a healthy lifestyle.

Along with my mom, we lost both of our dogs to old age.  One year apart.  No more walking the dogs to get in some exercise.

We went from living in a place with lots of stairs, to a single level home.

Last year I battled melanoma on my nose and had to have surgery to remove the cancer and then reconstructive surgery after that.  For the first few months afterwards my face was healing and I was too self-conscious to go anywhere.  My scars are still healing and I just haven’t felt like doing much.

I am fortunate that my job allows me to work full-time from home.  Of course, that’s good and bad. So basically I haven’t left my house except for a few errands in almost a year.  Combine that with no exercise and a lot of snacking = 40 pounds.

I’m heading down a dangerous path.  I’ll be 56 years old this year.  I have the beginning of osteoporosis in my left hip, which means I can’t really jump right into cardio.  I’ll need to ease my way in.  So with that said, my goals are these:

  1. Work on flexibility
  2. Stretching exercises to strengthen my back, arms and legs.
  3. Ease up on the snacking and eat a little healthier.

I was told by my doctor that yoga is a good way to build strength and  be more flexible.  Yeah.  Okay.  Yoga.  I have never done yoga.  I mean, ever.

But, I have to start somewhere.  So today I watched a yoga video on my Amazon Prime account called Yoga For Beginners with Erica Vetra. (She also has a YouTube channel you can see here).  What I like about Erica is that she is easy to listen to.  Translation – Not annoying.

I tried a few poses.  Okay, just one but I did watch the rest of it, I swear! The first pose is called the child pose.  It gently stretches the spine, hips, thighs, and even the ankles.  It’s a good pose to come back to when feeling fatigue and it gently relaxes the muscles.

Example of Child Pose. This, in no way, resembles me!

I was probably doing it wrong because I also felt it in my arms, shoulders and neck.  Or it could just be that I’m that much out of shape!

After a few minutes I realized that I did like it.  I also realized that yoga on carpet is not a good idea.  So, Amazon to the rescue.  I ended up purchasing a yoga mat kit. Also, because my belly got in the way of doing the child pose properly, I ordered a bolster pillow to place between by behind and ankles.

My package should arrive in a couple of days. I’m pretty excited. I’ll let you know how it goes.



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