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Tyler Montgomery tossed the mail onto his desk, turned around and banged his knee on the coffee table. A flood of curse words sprang to his lips as he glared at the offending piece of furniture.

He pulled the phone from his pocket and called the only person he could think of. Before the man on the other end finished saying hello Tyler cut him off. “What the hell was my father thinking, Pax? Did he think I wouldn’t find out about this?”

He wasn’t amused when Paxton chuckled “What’s he done this time Ty, fall off his boat again?”

Only his best friend of 20 years would have the nerve to bring that up.
“That was a long time ago and he was a little drunk thanks to the rotgut you put in his drink. Tyler ran a hand over his dark hair. “No, this is worse. He’s fallen behind on some payments and the bank is threatening to foreclose on the house.” Saying it out loud made his blood boil.

“Now hold on, are you sure about this? I know your dad has had issues in the past, but never money problems. Isn’t the business doing well?”

As Ty leaned against his desk, looking out his window at the gray Chicago sky he sighed. ” It looks like I need to make a trip home”.

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