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Married for 25 years. Jule and her husband Mark were both born and raised in upscale Highland Park Illinois. Unable to have children, they lived a quiet but comfortable life. He as a realtor and she as a book editor. (worked for a large publishing house but wants to scale back. She can branch out on her own and freelance)

Mark was borderline diabetic with a bad cholesterol number that was getting into the danger zone. he needed to lose weight so she made a bet with him. If he could loose 100 pounds in a year and keep it off for another two years she would agree to move to the country, buy a small hobby farm to grow a garden and raise chickens. Something he’s been wanting to do since they experimented with growing vegetables on their rooftop. Of course, she never thought he would actually do it. Until the day he showed her the listing for a small 5-acre farm for sale in Buford County Become Old McDonald

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