I dabble. I sketch.  I trace.  I draw things from sight.  Sometimes I’m happy with what I create.  Mostly I just get frustrated. I suck at drawing smooth lines so I end up drawing cartoon characters instead of realistic portraits.  I am starting to be okay with that.  I enjoy the whimsical style more and more.  I sometimes doodle on paper but the main medium I use is Procreate.

I enjoy creating designs.  I like to think I’m creative.  I also love to quilt.  I start off with a pattern and as much as I try to follow that pattern, my creative side takes over and I change this and that and before you know it, the quilt I make is nothing like the pattern I started off with.  Which is fine because I end up loving the finished product.  It’s the same with drawing.  I look at a tutorial for practice and google images for ideas, then open Procreate with the intention of drawing what I learn.  Again my right brain takes over and what I draw is nothing like what I set out to do.  Here is an example of a before (what I planned to draw) and after (what I ended up with).

BEFORE                                                                                            AFTER

The before image is a little more polished and the image is focused on the girl.  Mine is softer with more plant life, coral and variety of fish.  The “after” girl blends in and is part of the overall drawing , not the main focus.  The before image is more polished with smoother lines, but I think mine is more fun.  I know it was fun to draw anyway!  My print is available for purchase in my Society6 store.  Just click on the image if interested in looking around.