It is a goal of mine to be able to draw different parts of the body and have it look like, you know, body parts.

Everything I’ve read on the subject, from blogs to forums to YouTube videos, they all say the same thing.  Just like anything else you want to master, you must practice practice practice.  I started out taking an online basic anatomy drawing class.  Frankly, I just got bored.  Yes, I understand that in order to become an expert at something, you must understand the basics.  Drawing is no different.  Problem is, that requires patience and I have none. Zero. Zip. This doesn’t mean I’m not serious about art.  Not everyone who is a successful artist, illustrator, designer, had formal training.  That said, I want to draw and have fun and in doing so, find my style.

For the next few weeks I’m going to practice drawing one body part at a time.  I’ll draw a little each day and at the end of the week I’ll post a before and after pic.  Before being day 1 and after being day 7.

Here is the schedule I made: