Believe it or not, this little gem started out as a ballerina.  I wanted to draw her with graceful hands and a tutu.  Somewhere along the way I started playing with the different brushes available for Procreate.  I discovered I could make the oceans brush look like storm clouds and the water brush look like lightening. 

That was interesting.  So from there I changed my ballerina to a fairy.  I gave her long flowing hair and wings.  I kept the ballet slippers because they were awesome.  She still has the graceful hands.  I don’t know where those perky breasts came from though.  The more I tried to lift them to a shape I was satisfied with the perkier they became.

Fess up.  You totally just checked out her breasts, didn’t you?  Ha!  Anyway,  I love how she turned out and I love this piece.