Week 1 of my Parts is Parts challenge is the nose.  It was easy to find step by steps and tutorials about body parts.  Pinterest has a plethora of how-to pins so it was easy to find boards and pins on drawing the nose. I also Googled “how to draw a nose” and bingo, down the rabbit hole of noses I went. Pictures, videos, tutorials aplenty. I started out wanting to draw noses for seven days.  By the fifth day I was struggling to come up with new ideas.  So five days was as far as I went.

  Day 1 –  I tried to capture the simple nose, concentrating on the basic steps, drawing a circle, then centering the nostrils, and so on.  It wasn’t as easy as it looked.  I can’t seem to draw straight at all!  I kept at it and it finally began to take shape and look halfway decent.  I could (and should) have spent the whole week with trying to perfect the basics.


Day 2 was the side view.  That was a little easier and more fun.  Side view noses is where, I think, the character of the nose comes in.  Is it pointy?  Does it tip up?  Or down?  Does it have a bump?  For the profile of a nose you don’t have to worry so much about symmetry.  Yay!

Day 3.  I was surprised to find that drawing cartoon noses was more difficult.  I found that the cartoon nose keeps the basic shape but adds a little extra something to make a statement, and most of them do make a statement.  For example, a villain will more than likely have a long, pointy nose as apposed to a cute button nose like Wilma and Betty (The Flinstones for those of you that don’t know who Wilma and Betty are).  Also, shading is huge.  It helps when defining the shape, nostrils, lumps, bumps.


  Day 4.  Animal noses were interesting to draw.  So many of the shapes are basically the same so it boiled down to adding a little shadowing to define them.  Even then, it was hard to see what animal’s nose it was supposed to be, so I added in some basic reference points.  See the eyes for the cat and the head for the cow and pig.

By Day 5 I was running out of ideas.  And like a mentioned in a previous post, I get a little bored.  Aname (Japanese animation) isn’t really my style, but I gave it a try.  Now those were easy!  Aname characters have larger eyes that are more defined and very small, barely there noses. 

So, there they are.  Next week the eyes have it!  Since symmetry is difficult for me, this should be interesting.  Do you have any tips for me?  Please share.  I am a sponge.