Cruise Obsession

My husband and I have waffled back and forth for years about whether or not we want to take a cruise.  We finally bit the bullet and booked one for next month.  A nice romantic cruise for our anniversary.  Once the decision was made we started researching everything we could about the destinations, excursions, the ship, you name it.  We joined almost every cruise related Facebook group there is.

There is a whole cruise world out there.  Some people love it and some hate it.  But those who love to cruise, boy, they are ALL IN.  There are the drinkers, the partiers, the romantics, the island hoppers, the family trips, girl trips, bachelorette trips, wedding trips.  There are cruises for quilters, writers, musicians, athletes…. on and on and on.

Cruises have a lot going for them.

  • Convenience.  How else can you visit multiple destinations and only unpack once?
  • Food.  What are you hungry for?  You can most likely find it aboard.  Each ship has a variety of choices.
  • Excursions.  Scuba diving, snorkeling, bird watching, whale watching, rent a jeep, tour an island.
  • Entertainment. Lip sync battles, Vegas style shows., Family Feud, concerts, comedy acts,  movies, water slides.
  • People.  Thousands of people.  The ship we’re going on holds 2984 guests and 1108 crew members.  That is a lot of people.

One of the fun things we discovered is the cruising ducks group on Facebook.  People hide rubber ducks  throughout the ship just for fun for others to find.  So of course I had to get some to hide.  I even created my own duck tags.

(You can find them in my Etsy shop that you can print yourself, or my Zazzle shop where you can order and be shipped to you)

I can’t wait to hide mine!  I wonder if it’s to soon to start packing….

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