Open Your Mind and Let Creativity In

I want to take my writing more seriously. No more dabbling. Well, I shouldn’t say that. Doesn’t every writer dabble with words and create lists and pages of ideas and thoughts? Even as they write a book, new plots are always on the peripheral of their mind . Nagging buggers that demand to be jotted down before they will leave you alone.

I am starved to learn. I have several books on writing that I haven’t yet read. I have bookmarked writing blogs and marked YouTube videos on the subject. How do other writers do it? What magical tidbit might I glean from them? At some point though, you need to just bite the bullet and go for it. Put the learning to work and write!

I purchased the word processing program Scrivner several years ago in which I have started a few books but never made it past the first chapter. If you are a writer, I’m sure you know what Scrivner is and how difficult it is to learn. I love the idea of it, and if I learn how to use it, then I must be a “serious” writer. Right? Maybe, maybe not.

Two weeks ago I downloaded Novlr, an online writing app that is clean, simple, and easy to learn. In fact, I wrote this post in Novlr. It doesn’t have the fancy bells and whistles that other programs may have. It doesn’t have a character development template, or a cork board type of page that acts like a bulletin board for plot development. Novlr is a subscription that is paid monthly (currently $10) or annually (currently $100). It has a free two week trial so you can play around in it before you subscribe.

Novlr also has an excellent learning course for beginners called “Couch to 80K Boot Camp” by Tim Clare, a writer, poet, and musician. He is funny, quirky, and has a casual style of speaking that puts you at ease as you learn. He also offers a 100 Day Writing Challenge podcast that I’ll listen to once I’m finished with the Couch to 80K lessons.

Let me clarify – 80K words, not dollars! There are typically 80,000 to 100,000 words in a novel – so that is the goal. Although, I wouldn’t mind the $80,000…..

Recently I’ve been toying with a plot for a book that crosses two genres. The more I ponder it the more excited I become. Today, as I listened to one of Tim’s lessons, a character name popped into my head and I had to click over to the novel tab in Novlr and started writing away. Tim has a way of opening your mind to let creativity in. I highly recommend listening to him.

Open your mind. You might be surprised at what comes out.

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