The Joys of Shopping From Home

There is nothing like the comfort of shopping from home. I love sitting on my sofa, surrounded by my throw pillows.  I have my laptop, or iPad, or cell phone in hand, maybe a Hallmark movie on the TV, my favorite beverage and snack next to me, the dog playing at my feet as I scroll through my favorite online shops.

I hate going to big box stores trying to find clothes, or something to hang on my wall, or anything really. The thrill (not) of driving from one store to the next, fighting traffic and road construction.  And don’t get me started on malls.  Are there still malls around?  The last time I went to a mall was early 2010 I think. The only stores I enjoy going to are small mom and pop shops.  Those shops at least have some personality and real customer service (most of the time). I am all about small businesses.

All of those reasons and more are why I decided to start my own online business.  I love creating designs!  I also love throw pillows, and coffee mugs.  Really, how fun are matchy matchy mugs?  I have a kitchen cabinet full of mishmash mugs.

Let’s talk about pillows!  Pillows are a great way to show your distinct personality, which can change as fast as my mood.  I use pillows as a way to update the design of any room.  I can’t afford to buy new furniture on a whim, but I can sure buy pillows!  Pillows for seasons, pillows for holidays, pillows for daylight, night time, the change of the moon.  Okay, that’s getting a little carried away, but you get my drift.

All this talk about shopping online is making my fingers twichy.  I think I need some new pillows.   If your fingers are twitching too, feel free to visit my shop.  Just click on one of my menu links above.

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