Uses for Tote Bags

Tote bag obsession.  It’s a real thing.  I don’t mean an obsession with Micheal Kors or Gucci.  Don’t get me wrong, those are nice.  Very very nice.  No, what I’m taking about is your basic everyday run of the mill canvas tote bag.

Have you ever gone to a quilt/health/car/(insert title here) show?  People swarm over to grab the free swag.  One of the most popular items is always the free tote bag.  And what do you do with that bag?  You carry all the other swag in it of course!

Are you going to the beach? You need a tote for towels and suits.  Plane trip? You need a tote for books/kindle, snacks, any carry-on must have.  How about a cruise.  YES!  totes for suits, totes for excursions, totes for snacks, totes for shoes.  And while you’re in port you need what?  You know it, a souvenir tote! Are you a crafter?  Well then you’ll need lots of totes.

As a quilter, I take them on retreats.  One or two to hold supplies.  Two or three for fabric.  Don’t forget snacks for those midnight cravings.  Some women can quilt all night on these retreats.  I usually only make it until 1:00 am or so.

How about gift bags? Paper gift bags are getting expensive!  Sure, the recipient will probably use it again for a gift they give to someone else.  A form of pay-it-forward I guess.  I think it’s more fun to make the gift bag part of the gift.  The bag could have the theme of the party or the recipient’s favorite hobby.  How about a cat theme for the cat lady.  Fish theme for a fisherman.  Quilt theme for a quilter.

Endless the possibilities are.

P.S.  You can find my line of totes and other accessories here.  I can also provide some customization.  Contact me with your request.


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