What Makes a Writer and What Should I Write About?

I’m told that to be a writer, I need to write every day. I don’t have a problem with that. What I have a problem with is deciding what I’m going to write. I don’t have this NEED to write. I just want to. I enjoy it. I’m pretty good at short blog posts or a very short story. Everything I read on the subject always talks about a writer’s need to write. They just have to. It’s like breathing to them. I just don’t have that need. I enjoy it, but I don’t live for it.

I have ideas floating around my head. Plot Bunnies where I have an idea for a story and can think of a few lines and some pretty zingy dialog. I always have a beginning with a decent opening, but never a middle or an end. Oh I have a general idea of what should happen, but getting there is something I struggle with. So that is what I need to work on. Writing a complete story from beginning to end. Not only short stories, but maybe a novella. Around 10,000 words to start. Then work my way up to 50,000 words, which most consider a novel. At least, that is the goal of the annual National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) which is held each November. Something I’ve thought about doing, even signed up for it a couple of times. The kicker is, to reach 50,000 words in a month, I would need to write 1,667 words a day thereabouts. That’s not easy when working a full time job and have a husband I would rather spend time with! (See? no burning need to write).

Then there is the genre. I enjoy romance, but so many books now focus on sex. I mean SEX. These modern day romances rush to get the characters into bed and when they finally do, it’s a five page play-by-play of every single moan, lick, thrust, and climax (usually multiple). Then the next day they do it again, another five page sex romp. Now I know some people enjoy reading those, heck I did when I was younger, although the books I read then were not nearly as graphic as they are now (thank you Fifty Shades). However, I have read a few lately that are sweet love stories without all of the graphic ins and outs (pun intended) and I enjoy those more. So maybe I can focus on that.

I could write about a middle aged woman having to start again because her husband dropped a bomb shell on her and now wants a divorce, causing the poor woman to run away to a new location. Usually to some beautiful small coastal town where she immediately has loads of new friends. She will soon have a new love interest, usually around Chapter 2 or 3. Oh wait…. that has been done. to. death. Murder, mayhem, or mystery have never really interested me, although I enjoy the occasional Grisham or Patterson.

I just finished reading book seven of a really long series. Thirteen books. The author has a good thing going. The books are a little shorter and each one stops in the middle of the story line. The next book in the series picks up immediately where the previous one left off. These are Kindle books at $6.99 a pop. The author keeps the suspense going at each end, so of course the reader wants to know what happens next and they purchase the next book.

I have read only seven of the thirteen. It is a good story line, I’m just not sure I will purchase any more. The author does something that I have a hard time getting past. She has a habit of saying the same line over and over within her books. What is this terrible crime you ask? “Her eyes soften”. “His eyes softened”. “Her eyes soften even more”. I mean seriously, the author wrote those words at least once and sometimes more in each chapter. How many times can eyes soften? There must have been dozens of other words and phrases she could have used. My one piece of advice to her would be to have someone she trusts read and provide feedback. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I have a lot of errors in this post alone. However, if I were to publish a book that people pay for, I would at least have someone I trust edit my writing.

By the way, this post is just over 770 words. and it took me about an hour to write.


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