About Me

Why I started this blog.

In May 2023 I turned 60.  It was a shocker when I woke up that morning and found that my wonderful, dear, sweet husband placed this lovely little picture on the TV stand.

He loves to tease me that I am 11 months and two weeks older than he is.  Isn’t he the sweetest? After I pouted, and then laughed, I decided to think about what I wanted this next decade of my life to be like.  In order to do that, I first had to reflect on the last.

The past decade had its ups and downs, like the previous ones before, except this one had been particularly rough.  I lost my mother, and battled cancer (again).  Covid hit and we lost our son and then a few short months later, my husband’s parents were also gone.   The last two years we kept to ourselves, rarely leaving the house.  We both work from home although my husband does travel occasionally for work.  We ordered anything we needed from Amazon and even had our groceries delivered.  We were just passing time. We both gained weight and our aches and pains were getting worse.  We were taking more and more medicine.  It got to the point where we felt we were giving up on life, so we sat down and had a heart to heart.  We asked ourselves if we wanted to give up or did we want to do the work and make the rest of our time here on earth the best it can be.  We decided to do the work!  We joined Lifetime Fitness and started eating better.  We each have a personal trainer and are doing things we enjoy.

I wanted to chronicle what I’m doing to make my life better for the next decade, which is why I named this blog The 60 Chapter.

I love spending time with my husband, our 100lb “puppy” Hershey, and the all-too-infrequent visits with our daughter and granddaughters.

I’m glad you found my little corner of the world.  This blog is mainly for me but am happy when someone happens upon it.  I hope it will give others a little inspiration too.  Oh, and check out my “imaginings” menu too. When reality gets to be a bit much, I dabble in fiction as well.